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Kendall Miller


Private Birthday Party Event

Van Zandt Sheriff's Department


Wesley Collins, Detention Officer



     Hello. My name is Wesley Collins and I am a Detention Officer at the Van Zandt County Sheriff Office. On Friday night you contacted the Van Zandt County Sheriff's Office and offered us some free bbq. Myself and Deputy Yvon came to get it. I am writting to say thank you very much for this kind act. It is not often that people are nice to law enforcement and when they are it is much appreciated. I just wanted you to know that the bbq was fantastic! I actually made a pig of myself it was so good. It fed everyone there and no one walked away hungry. From now on I will let everyone know where the best bbq is when first monday is open. Our particular shift tries to go out to eat on our Fridays. Now we have a new place to go get something to eat. Once again I just wanted to say thank you very much. The food was out of this world good.


Thank you. :)

Wesley Collins


Mike – 

     The BBQ was a huge success! One person even said it was the best ribs they have ever had!  (: 


Thank you for everything!


Charlie & Phyllis Parkhurst







I just had to let you know that last night we took out the freezer a rack of ribs that I bought during the last time you cooked for a Youth Mission trip.  This must have been three months ago or close to it.  Wanted to tell you after we heated the ribs up, we devoured them and they had to be some if not the best ribs we have ever eaten.  And this is after they had been frozen for months.  Now we are sad because we are out of ribs, but so look forward to the next time you have them available at church.  Just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed them and how much we enjoy your bar-ba-que.  Fantastic!!!


Charlie and Phyllis Parkhurst     

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